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September 10, 2018 (Updated )

Finding jobs is the first stumbling block for so many of us. Where do you find them? How do you make sure you find them first? What if you don’t want to work in London?

There are actually far more journalism job sites than you might think, so here’s our massive (and regularly updated list) of where to scour for jobs. We’re good like that.

Journo ResourcesYou’re here and you didn’t know we did jobs?!? Get yourself up on that top menu RIGHT now. We focus on entry and mid-level jobs, and only list jobs which have a salary range, so you know what you’re applying for. And obviously, everything has to be paid. We also try to find as many jobs outside London as possible, as we know not everyone wants to be forced to use the tube daily.

Cision JobsPossibly the most comprehensive list of journalism jobs in the industry. If anyone has told you there are no jobs, show them this website, there are literally hundreds of the damn things. They also only list internships which are paid and have a monthly advice blog from someone working in the field. We did one on social for them a little while back.

Media BeansAgain, one of the most comprehensive sites out there for journalism jobs. MediaBeans collates a list of all the latest openings on a daily basis and uploads them all in one place. There’s a great range of jobs, and their daily email is probably one of the most useful alert you can sign up to for entry-level jobs.

Don’t these people look happy working in a pretend newsroom?

If You Could JobsThe jobs on here tend to focus on the creative, so you will see a lot of design roles, but don’t let you put you off! You’ll often stumble across a total gem of a social or writing job, and there are lots of content writing things. Plus it’s a joy to look at.

Arts Council Jobs: It’s a bit hidden on their website, but as well as advertising internal vacancies, the Arts Council also list vacancies from across the sector. Again, some of this will be slightly irrelevant, but there are usually at least a couple of things of interest.

IndeedPossibly the worst designed website in the world, but for some reason everyone still wants to advertise with them. You’ll have to narrow down your search to make sure you’re only looking for media jobs, but you’ll find plenty on there. It’s all the name really, but this is a really good one for both UK and US jobs. The list is impressively extensive, and they also have an excellent news team who focus on techy updates in the sector.

Gumtree: Don’t laugh, I’ve found paid work through this site! Admittedly you have to wade through a lot of shit, but if you’re savvy, you’ll pick up stuff no one else has seen.

people drinking because they have a job
Look at these happy people! Something, something, jobs. Maybe they have one?

LinkedInWhile we’re talking Captain Obvious, you should *obviously* be on LinkedIn. They also have a pretty good range of jobs within the media, and you’ll find that most big companies will use it to advertise, as well as on their own careers pages.

Charity JobJournalists can work in the charity sector too! Hell, I literally do that on the reg. Probably the biggest site for jobs with charitable organisations, and there’s a decent amount of journalism-y stuff.

GlassdoorA Journo Resources fave, not only are there lots of jobs, you can also see reviews of what companies are like to work for, how much they tend to pay their staff, pictures of the office and interview questions. Like, honestly, what more could you want?

Creative Access: If you’re black, Asian or come from an ethnic minority background, this place is a hub of all things useful. They have an impressive list of industry partners, meaning they can offer some sweet internships and jobs.

TimewiseOnly interested in working part-time or flexibly? ME TOO. While this isn’t a wholely journalism site, it is an excellent hub of jobs which offer flexibility some of which happen to be media-y), if that’s your thing.

• Talent Hub: These pals are a recruitment agency, but don’t let that stop you. They specialise in digital, creative, and marketing stuff, so you’re likely to spot something you’re interested in.

man is happy coz jobs
Look how happy he is to be reading Journo Resources! Or have a pot plant, either way.

The DotsThis is a good one for creative types, and has loads of jobs and freelance projects for creative people, whether you’re skilled at video, writing, or well, whatever.

HoldTheFrontPage: If you’re looking to start in regionals, which is an excellent way to do it, this is the place to go. You’ll find jobs from all local papers across the country, and a fair few also have salaries.

Creative RecruitmentNot strictly journalism, but you’ll find lots of editing, social, and copywriting gigs here. As well as permanent jobs, there is a lot of freelance jobs with very good day rates.

• MilkroundAgain, this site isn’t just for journalism, but there are occasional gems to be found. It mostly concentrates on student and graduate opportunities, and you can apply directly through the website.

ijnetThe International Journalist’s Network is a hub of all things opportunities. You’ll find jobs, grants, awards, and more, as well as insight and stories.

Total JobsThis site has all kinds of jobs, like Reed and Indeed, but it does have a fair few journalism and journalism-adjacent roles so is worth checking out.

Press Gazette: Aptly called ‘jobs4journalists’, this job board isn’t majorly populated (to say the least), but looks good for more senior jobs with big names, like Sky and Stylist. Besides, they’ve got a  lot to offer in the way of being a Better Journalist, so check out their content if the job board is looking a little slim.

FashionWorkie: Ok, the clue here is very much in the name. But to clarify, this job board is dedicated to journalism roles with fashion brands and companies. You can browse all roles, or delve separately into retail jobs, freelance jobs and internships. It seems like a lot of the roles are buying, design, marketing or commercial, but there could be a gem hidden there.

Reed: Like Indeed, Glassdoor and Gumtree, this is a chaotic website for all kinds of jobs and pop-up ads galore. But they also have a fair few journalism jobs listed. Head here for PR and communication roles rather than editorial ones.

• Employers’ Websites: Lots of employers have their own websites, so you know, check those too. Try:

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